Our Clients voiceof the service we give at FridgeRepairs Johannesburg

MR Greenland

Fridge Repairs Johannesburg has helped me when disaster struck me. I called them at 3am and wow they came and fixed my fridge at an amazing price. Thanks again for the amazing work guy’s.

MS Karen

My fridge stopped working so I called Fridge Repairs Johannesburg and they did an amazing job. I recommend them to everyone who needs any fridge repair services.

Mr Paul

Thanks to Fridge Repairs Johannesburg my grandmother’s fridge was repaired and it was done so well I didn’t have to get a new one. Thanks guys you saved me a lot of money. .

MS Jameson

Fridge Repairs Johannesburg repaired my badly damaged fridge within just one hour. They are amazing. Thanks for the amazing work guys.

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